The key is we choose individuals who will not return to homelessness

The Problem:

One of biggest barriers preventing those experiencing homelessness from getting into a home is not having enough money to put down a hefty down payment (first and last month's rent, security and utility deposits).

The Solution:

We provide the means to pay those very deposits - focusing on people who can continue to support themselves and helping to get them back on their feet as quickly and directly as possible.

Important Information:

The people we help must be receiving steady income. 

We partner up with local social service agencies to determine whether individuals can continue to pay rent and living expenses after the initial help. 

Corresponding case workers at the local service agencies receive the donations. They then work together with the clients to select the right housing options and pay the deposits with the donated funds.


100% of your donations fund a fresh start

We cover all administrative costs using separate fundraisers and sponsorships so your donations can have maximum impact!


A Lasting Impact  

Using Unhoused Humanity's screening process, 80% of those aided are still in their homes today.

Our Partners