Meet Asia

Asia raised money for assistance with rent, her security deposit and a past utility bill.


Asia recently lost her job, which caused her to become homeless. She used to reside at HOPE's temporary housing program, but since she has been funded, she is back on her feet and currently resides in stable housing.

*Her caseworker at the Kearney Center verified that her income is above her expenses and that she will be able to continue to pay rent on her own.

Asia is 29 years old and has one brother. She was born in Tallahassee but raised in Atlanta. She has two beautiful children, Aaron and Amani. She has experienced homelessness two separate times in her life. She is a firm believer in God and credits Him to helping her through the tough times in her life. She currently works three jobs in order to support herself and her children. 

What has been the greatest accomplishment in your life?
Asia says the greatest accomplishment in her life was graduating from college with a B.S. in Health Information Management. She would like to go on to finish her Master's degree sometime in the future. Her long-term goal is to open her own business.

Is there anything else you'd like to discuss?
"My favorite movie is actually a cartoon movie that my children and I love to watch by Dr. Seuss, a classic children's book titled "Horton Hears a Who." The message in the movie is that 'A person is a person, no matter how small.' What I got out of it is that regardless of a person's situation, size lack of education, or etc., that will not determine who they are and who they will become."

Asia has been fully funded, but you can click the button below to make a donation that will go to helping someone just like her. 

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