Our Startup Story

What’s our story?

At a young age, our founder Ramon was told that his grandfather had been homeless for several years. Considering that his grandfather is one of the most influential people in his life, a thought entered Ramon’s mind- “What if my grandfather had never been helped off the streets? Would I have ever been able to meet him?” This thought and the reality that Ramon’s grandfather was homeless was the key factor that led to the nascency of Unhoused Humanity.

Who are we?

Unhoused Humanity is a startup non-profit organization run by four students from Florida State University who are on a mission to diminish the boundaries that divide those who are homeless from the rest of society.

What are our goals?

Unhoused Humanity aims to house every eligible homeless individual in Tallahassee, Florida. What does the term “eligible” mean? Basically, there are homeless individuals that have a steady source of income to maintain themselves once they are in a home, but cannot save enough money to put down money for first/last month’s rent or the utilities payment. We plan to serve as a model non-profit organization that encourages others across the globe to utilize this very method in effort to end homelessness.

How do we plan to accomplish our mission?

Currently, crowdfunding is our main method of raising funds to achieve our mission. We are establishing a presence within the Tallahassee community in order to raise awareness and promote the incorporation of the homeless back into society.

What are our current struggles?

Like most startups, we face various challenges. Finding the right resources and sufficient support to fuel growth and success isn’t an easy task. However, it is these challenges that help us think innovatively to expand our reach into the Tallahassee community.

How can you help?

Spread the word! It’s as simple as liking Unhoused Humanity on Facebook, and following us on Twitter. Unhoused Humanity is constantly sharing case stories of homeless individuals in need or pictures and videos of success stories on Facebook that we encourage you to share with others. We appreciate every bit of help- monetary or not, because it counts!


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are always happy to answer any inquiries or help out in any way we can.