About David

David was born and raised here in Tallahassee, FL. David enjoyed growing up in Tallahassee, and loved the festivals, parades, and activities that he was able to attend throughout the year. David also enjoys going to the number of parks that are available throughout Tallahassee. He has two sisters and one brother. His brother and one sister live in Tallahassee and work in the local community, while his other sister lives in Sarasota where she lives with her children.

Favorite Things

David loves movies, but says its hard to pick a favorite. He likes the Blade movies because of the strength that the main character displays- stating “they try, but they cant kill him!” He likes all kinds of music, but particularly likes what he calls “the oldie goldies” era of music. David says James Brown is his favorite artist, with Stevie Wonder being a close second. He says the melodies, blues, and soul of the music they make is relatable to him.

What David is Most Grateful for

David says he is most grateful for those who have helped him, and the opportunity to pay it forward and help others in his life. He volunteers cleaning clothing, setting up beds, and volunteering to help clients at the shelter and says he wants to continue this after he moves out.