$450 raised

Goal: $685

We all fall down sometimes. It is our duty as human beings to extend our hands and help each other back up.

Doris is raising money to cover her security deposit of $685. She works extremely hard and has the funds to sustain her monthly rent.

*Her caseworker at the Big Bend Homeless Coalition has verified that her income is above her expenses and that she will be able to continue to pay rent on her own after she receives help with the upfront costs.

About Doris:
Doris was born and raised in Lakeland, FL. She is the youngest of six siblings. She is a 28 year old mother of six children of her own, and she's due to have another baby girl in November. She likes having a good time and enjoys putting a smile on her kids' faces.

Having a new home would provide the joy for her and her family that seems to be so much harder to find these days.

What would constitute a perfect day for you?
Doris' perfect day would be waking up in her own home, getting her children fed, ready for school and dropping them off. After work, she would pick them up and spend the rest of the night cooking, cleaning and helping them do their homework. Once they were in bed, she would work on her online nursing classes and pray before going to sleep.

Doris says that although this sounds like a typical day for most people, she does not need much in her life to be content. She is happy simply working and spending time with her children.  For Doris, every day would be a perfect day if it involved spending time with her kids in her own home.

For what in life do you feel most grateful for?
Doris is most grateful for her life, health and strength. Without them, she would have a hard time taking care of so many children! Of course, she is also grateful for her beautiful children, and she is glad that she gets to tell them how much she loves them every day.