Meet Eligie


Eligie has already been housed, but you can support people like him by clicking the Change a Life button above and donating to a family in need.


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Goal: $329


Eligie was born in Eastman, Georgia. He has a very big family, including five brothers and two sisters; he is one of the middle children. He is really close to both of his sisters, and they talk as often as they can. He has always gotten along with his brothers, as well, and they were a close group of friends growing up. He went to school in Eastman and had his first job there working for the city. He spent most of his time working because of how much he loved his job.

Eligie's "Favorites"

1. Movies

Eligie loves Western films. He especially enjoys watching anything with Clint Eastwood. He likes the action involved and the adventures the characters go on.

2. Music

Blues music is Eligie's favorite genre of music. In his own words, "I really enjoy listening to Marvin Gaye and Johnny Taylor. I have too many songs to name a favorite, but if I had to choose, I would say "Let’s Get It On" by Marvin Gaye.

3. Food

Eligie's favorite food is barbeque. He used to love pork, but his doctors said he has to stay away from it for health reasons. Luckily, he can still have barbeque chicken!

Eligie's Perfect Day

Eligie loves spending time at the beach. On his perfect day, it would be sunny outside with no cloud in sight. He would swim in the ocean and relax on the shore. He also loves fishing, so he would probably cast a few lines while he's at the beach.

What Eligie is Most Grateful for

The one thing Eligie is most thankful for is his friendship with his good friend, Katie. She has always stood by him through hard times. She helps him make tough decisions, and she is there for him when he feels like he has no one else. Without Katie, he doesn’t know where he would be. He can’t thank her enough.




*Unhoused Humanity has verified with Eligie's caseworker that his income is above his expenses and that he will be able to continue to pay rent on his own after he receives help with the upfront costs. Click the donation button above to donate to Eligie now.