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Fatimah grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She likes living in Tallahassee but misses the time she spent in her hometown, particularly with her brothers and sisters. She is the oldest of her siblings, and now has a big family of her own; she has six children! Her favorite type of music is R&B, and her favorite artist is Whitney Houston. She loves the way she sings and wishes she was still around making beautiful music.

Fatimah's Most Desired Dinner Guest

Fatimah would love to have dinner with Michelle Obama. She is a great inspiration to her and admires her for everything she has done for education and the American people. It would be an honor for her to have dinner with such an intelligent and strong willed woman.

Fatimah's Perfect Day

Fatimah's perfect day would be waking up in her own house, getting breakfast, being able to cook all afternoon, and reading everywhere in between. She enjoys reading because it's calming and relaxing, and she is happiest when she is in the kitchen. Combining these two hobbies would constitute a perfect day for her.



Fatimah and her children have already been housed, but you can help another family's life by clicking "Change A Life" from the menu above.



*Unhoused Humanity has verified with Fatimah's caseworker that her income is above her expenses and that she will be able to continue to pay rent on her own after she receives help with the upfront costs.