Meet Floyd


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Floyd grew up in Texas, in a small town community . He has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. He's close to them and keeps in contact with them regularly. His favorite movie is Star Wars. He loves the action scene in Return of the Jedi with Han Solo right before Darth Vader and Luke fight. His favorite musician is Luther Vandross. Floyd loves salt eggs. He says they're perfect because they're cheap and delicious, plus they're easy to find.

For what in life do you feel most grateful for?

Floyd is grateful for the gift of life itself. He had a near death experience in 2009. He had to be flown to a hospital to have a 4. hour emergency heart surgery. Later on, he saw someone else suffering from the same thing in an ER; they did not make it. Floyd considers himself a 'walking miracle.' He thanks God for keeping him alive and regularly testifies to His power when he goes to church. His situation and recovery were so intense that he is on the "Wall of Miracles" at the hospital where he had his surgery completed.

Floyd's most treasured memory

The day his son was born. Floyd was a young man and didn't think he would have kids. He was 17 years old and sacrificed his blossoming football career to raise his son. A couple years later, had a daughter. He still keeps in contact with his children even though they don't live close by. He treasures his kids and taught them to be the best that they could be. His motto was "if you're a dishwasher, be the best dishwasher out there." He also instilled the importance of putting God first and making sure that you're living your life well.



*Unhoused Humanity has verified with Floyd's caseworker that his income is above his expenses and that he will be able to continue to pay rent on his own after he receives help with the upfront costs. Click the donation button above to donate to Floyd now.