Meet Fred


About Fred

Frederick Bennett grew up in Terrehaute, Indiana. What he liked about it was that he had a lot of friends, as well as the fact that it was nice and quiet since it was out in the country. He often reminisces on how he would go swimming, mudding, and go out to the fishing hole with his friends. Often times, he would spend time having bonfires with his family and doing other country-related activities. 

Fred's Favorite Things

Fred's favorite movie is John Wick and his favorite scene is when he breaks down and cries because he lost his wife and dog, because it shows somewhat of a sensitive side. Fred also loves country music. Some of his favorite artists are Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. His favorite food is potatoes with steak, because it reminds him of his childhood in Indiana. 

A Perfect Day

Fred's ideal perfect day would start by going to work, returning home and then spending time with his family. He would help his children out with their homework. After finishing their homework, he would take them to the beach to go night fishing for the weekend. 

You can change a life like Fred's today.