Meet Jane

(Jane has asked that we don't reveal her whole face to remain confidential)

*Jane's caseworker verified that her income is above her expenses and that she will be able to continue to pay rent on her own. She is currently housed.

Jane's Story: 

My name is Jane Johnson, and I currently reside in Gainesville, FL. My son and I have faced financial difficulties now over a period of several years after my divorce from his father. I work long hours and have tried everything to keep my son and me out of financial trouble, but even with a job, making ends meet had become nearly impossible. To make matters worse, back in September of 2015, I was involved in a car accident that totaled my vehicle, leaving my son and me with no transportation. Currently, I am housed in a homeless shelter with my son and have managed to save just enough money for another vehicle, but now I am faced with having the task of finding an affordable place to live. I’ve recently picked up shifts at another job and work both my jobs diligently trying to find an affordable residence. This $1,500 would give the chance to start over. It would be used toward fees such as first month’s rent, security deposit and utilities deposit. I finally have a full-time job at a great institution (a local hospital with room to advance my healthcare career), and I have made progress this past year and that this $1,500 will be what helps us into a better situation.


I love Jazz music and reading a good book every so often. I was originally born and raised in South Africa in a small, but tight knit town. My husband and I met abroad and lived in London and then Israel where we worked on the land and enjoyed a simple but happy life. When we moved to Florida, I gave birth to my now 17 year old son. My son is a great kid and is very active and interested in technology - a shared YouTube channel he manages has over 2 million subscribers, and I’m not even sure how to cut and paste! He is very good with computers and usually keeps to himself outside of school and other activities. I hope he can go to college for computer applications and make a good life for himself.

One of my favorite movies is “The Sound of Music," that I find very inspirational. That movie taught me that through trials and struggles rises triumph. The scene in which the characters leave Austria to go to Switzerland really resonates with me and my life situation. Sometimes you have to pick up everything and start over. I am trying very hard to do that now.

What are your goals moving forward?

I really want to excel in the home healthcare field as far as I can. Working for a home care company makes me feel really good knowing that although I need help myself that I can still help others when they need it. Also, I hope to be able to maintain my household and keep things working for the benefit of my son and myself.

What are you most grateful for?

I’m most grateful for the individuals at the shelter and the ministries that work with the shelter. Without the help of the volunteers, case managers, and ministry members, I am not sure where I would be right now. They have all helped me tremendously and have motivated me in many ways.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment is my son: his ability to be resilient and understanding through our rough times. He tries his best not to ask too many questions or make me feel worried for him in any way. He goes to school, does his work and is still always very gracious. Knowing that I gave birth and raised such a responsible and humble young man is truly an accomplishment for me.


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