Lauren Walker


The situation

My boyfriend and I have been homeless for quite some time now. However, my boyfriend now has a stable job and along with the money that I receive from Veterans Affairs we can afford to pay monthly rent. The only problem is that we don’t have enough money at one time to pay the utility and security deposit. We just need $550 and then we can support ourselves.

About Me

My name is Lauren Walker and I was born in a small town outside of Cleveland. However, I moved from city to city since my father was a salesman. I’ve lived in Michigan, Georgia, and Florida. After High school I enlisted in the Navy and after I finished serving I became a nurse for 26 years. I have 2 children that are all grown up now. We’re actually all diehard Florida State fans; my ringtone is the War Chant!

What are your goals moving forward?

I really want to start my own organization. I recently started taking an entrepreneurship class sponsored by the city of Tallahassee that offers mentors and advice on how to build a business model. Since I was a nurse for so long I want to build a hospice for children that are in their final days.

What are you most grateful for?

I’m most grateful for the men and women who have served in the U.S military. We often forget to think about why we have freedom. It’s because of those people that bravely served and to this day still suffer from mental and physical disabilities.

What would be one of your greatest accomplishments?

In my free time, I used to raise puppies that would later become service dogs for people with disabilities. I loved teaching them commands and building a connection. Every year, at Sea World, there is an event where the dogs get matched up with their soon to be partner. I get to watch when the dogs that I have raised meet their owner for the first time. So far I’ve raised 15 dogs – it really gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment in my life.