Meet Mattie and Harry


$100 Raised, $580 To Go


Their Situation

Mattie and Harry were displaced from Hurricane Michael after a tree fell on their home. Mattie and Harry have been accepted for an apartment with Lutheran Social Services. However, they are in need of $680.00 to cover the security deposit. The couple will be able to afford the monthly rent of $680.00 plus utilities monthly going forward.


Where did you grow up and what did you like about your home town?

Mattie: I grew up here in Tallahassee and I enjoy the restaurants because I used to be a master chef. My husband Harry, is a great cook as well. He can cook grits, biscuits, you name it.. he can fix it!!


Do you have any brothers and sisters? Tell us a little about them.

Mattie: I have 8 sisters and 6 brothers, I am the baby. I also have 3 kids. My kids are 38, 37 and 36. My daughter lives in Marianna and both of my boys live her in Tallahassee.


What is your favorite movie and why?

Mattie: “I’m the Man of the House” because I love Tommy Lee Jones! My favorite scene is when Tommy Lee Jones says, “This IS my happy face” and I did not see any happy face! I also love the movie, “Equilibrium”.


What is your favorite genre of music? Which artist?

Mattie: My favorite type of music is R&B. I actually have two favorite artists, they are Tony Braxton and Nelly. 

Harry: I like old school music. Lately, I have been listening to a lot Boss Scaggs. We both like Gospel music.


What is your favorite kind of food?

Mattie and Harry: Our favorite foods are Spaghetti, fried chicken, ribeye steak and greens! Because its good!


Given a choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest and why?

Mattie: Nobody. I am a private person. I would rather eat at home by myself or with my husband… then there will be left overs!


For what in life do you feel most grateful for? 

Mattie: I feel most grateful for my husband. He has always been there for me. When I am down, he always has positive words to lift me up. He has never left my side and has always taking care of me. And most of all, he can cook!!


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