Nayda is from Saint Croix, Virgin Island

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$500 Raised

Completed Funded Nayda!

Completed Funded Nayda!


Her Story

My name is Nayda. I am raising money for my security deposit and for utility deposit. I am currently the payee for my son, Alex, who currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. I am very eager to get into housing so that my beautiful son can come live with me and also for my little dog, Bucky, can be comfortable in a safe place. If I receive funding I will be able to sustain myself sufficiently for the many months to come.


Where did you grow up and what did you like about your home town?

I grew Saint Croix, Virgin Island. I liked the friendliness of the people and enjoyed swimming at the beaches while I was not studying. I have two daughters and one son. My son is currently living in Bronx, NY and my daughters live in Brooklyn. I have 4 brothers and 6 sisters. All of my brothers were involved in the military. 


Do you have a favorite movie? Why is it your favorite?

My favorite movie is Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare because it shows a loving connection between two people and I like watching that, it’s entertaining.


What do you like listening to?

I like to listen to classic music because it is nice and mellow, it allows me to relax. Lou Ross is one of my favorite music artists.



My all-time favorite food would be fried chicken and mac n’ cheese!!


Given a choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest and why?

If I were given the choice to have any dinner guest, I would invite the singer, Mark Anthony. I love Salsa and jazz music and I think it would be fun to have him sing a couple songs after dinner while we danced.  I would like to know how he got to be where he is now. Also, I would be interested to know about his Puerto Rican culture.


What is your most treasured memory?

My most treasured memory is my mother. I treasure the good times that we had together. I thank god for her raising me to be persistent and not a follower, to be patient and respectful to others. The memories of her at Christmas, and all the love that she gave us as kids, I treasure all of that.