Meet Sasheem

Web Developer

Web Developer


Sasheem was born in Upstate, New York and grew up in South Florida. Throughout his childhood, he played numerous sports. This habit led him to becoming captain of both his high school and travel soccer teams. In his free time, he developed a fascination for technology; it started out with a Nintendo GameBoy and eventually transitioned to PC/Console games. He found himself playing MMORPGs mostly and gravitating toward the ‘Jack of all Trades’ types of classes.

In hindsight, this made sense, as today, he enjoys channeling these same attributes as a designer and developer. Through the power of React and React Native, he has learned how to create websites and mobile apps (iOS and Android) all using Javascript.

He is always grinding to his next level, one project at a time. Sasheem believes that his developer background will help further Unhoused Humanity's impact on homelessness.



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