$450 raised

Goal: $450

Change a life

We all fall down sometimes, It is our duty as human beings to extend our hand and help each other back up. 

Michael is raising money to help cover first month’s rent of $450. He has been working extremely hard and has alrerady paid the security deposit and application of $325.

*His caseworker at the Kearney Center has verified that his income is above his expenses and that he will be able to continue to pay rent on his own after he receives help with the upfront costs.

About me:
Michael grew up in Quincy, FL with 5 sisters and 3 brothers. He enjoyed playing sports growing up in Quincy, specifically linebacker at Shanks High School.   

Michael is the 2nd oldest child, with 5 brothers and 3 sisters. He was raised by his grandmother and helped care for his brothers and sisters growing up, including his older brother who suffers from a learning disability.
Michael loved movies growing up but hasn’t has time to watch movies in his recent life. He loves the Terminator movies because of Arnold! Michael says the terminator always got stuff done, and never backed down from a challenge and likes to model his behavior in this vein.

Michael doesn’t much like the music popular today but enjoys old soul music because of the passion and emotion - his favorite artist is Michael Jackson, and his favorite song by him is “change”.

What would constitute a perfect day for you?
Michael’s perfect day may be different from what many would consider a perfect day but represents his experience nonetheless. Michael says that his perfect day involves working a honest job where he can feel good about the shift he’s put in. But that’s not what makes Michael’s day perfect.

What makes Michael’s day perfect is after a long day to arrive a front door he knows and recognize, and when he opens that door he realizes he’s home. Not a shelter. But a home that he can call his own, a home that he can provide for so that he can live a full and enjoyable life.

For what in life do you feel most grateful for?
Michael states he is most grateful for his second chance in life. Michael says he is a hard worker and held steady jobs all his life. Life became particularly harder in 2000, when his mother past and the burden of caring for his kids and sisters became greater as a result. In 2014, Michael got caught up in a bad situation that resulted in him serving time in jail.

When Michael was he released he came to the Kearney Center to help get back on his feet. Through hard work, dedication, and a positive outlook, Michael found employment through Labor Action temporarily, but his hard work led to a permanent full-time job with the company. Michael was contracted through with Labor Action. Michael is most grateful to atone for his mistakes and to be given a second chance to live a full life on his own and independently.