$1100 raised

Goal: $1100


Nakita and her Husband are working. They have enough money to pay rent and daily expenses but they do not have enough money at one time to pay for the upfront costs of moving into an apartment (security /utilty deposits and first months rent). 

*Her caseworker at the Big Bend Homeless Coalition has verified that her income is above her expenses and that she will be able to continue to pay rent on her own after she receives help with the upfront costs.

About Nakita: My name is Nakita and I was born in Cleveland, Mississippi. However, I’ve lived in Memphis and Atlanta before coming to Tallahassee. Atlanta was by far my favorite because there was a better school system and a lot more things for my kids to do. My favorite type of music is Gospel and Slow Jams. I definitely think Beyonce is the best artist, she can really sing. My daughter, Nakaenya, loves to sketch ideas for clothing in her notepad – she is outgoing and obsessed with fashion. My son, Jamarean, is more to himself – he’s always reading.

What would your perfect day consist of?
Working, I love it - some people don’t like working but that’s because they don’t like their job. I love doing hair, it’s my passion. I started braiding hair when I was 9 years old! I would watch my aunt do hair as a child and It just stuck.

What are you most grateful for?
Living another day and having my husband and my kids. It’s simple but there’s not much more you ask than that.

What is your most treasured memory?
The time I got to spend with my grandmother growing up. We would listen to gospel music and do each other’s toe nails. My grandmother was the one that raised me-without her I don’t know who I would be. She was a true role model. She taught me respect, courtesy, and love.


We all fall down sometimes, It is our duty as human beings to extend our hand and help each other back up.