About Me

My name is Richard Beattly and I was born in Washington DC. I served in the Marine Corps for 24 years. I am currently experiencing homelessness but I work construction every day of the week. Even though I have a steady income and would be able to pay a monthly rent, I don’t have enough money saved up at one time to put down all of the deposits that are necessary to finally move into a place. These deposits include first and last month rent on top of a utilities and security deposit. I just need help with these deposits and then I can finally move myself and my wife into an apartment.

What are you most grateful for?                

I’m grateful for a lot of things but I’m most grateful for being alive. I came very close to losing my life while on tour with the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. One of my specialties was search and rescue. On this particular day we had to get by two Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers before arriving to our rescue destination. As we crossed an open area, a grenade blew up the tank that I was standing right next to. It sent me flying 50 feet back as shrapnel tore up my body. I couldn’t see anything for a month and a half. That was my last day as a Marine, my vertebrae were too messed to go back and serve. This experience made me more appreciative of the little things life. I just want a place so I can flip on my own TV and make scrambled eggs for me and my wife.

What is your most cherished memory?

My most cherished memory would definitely have to be watching the Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboy games with my dad. It’s funny because most people would expect me to root for the Redskins since I’m from Washington DC, but I was really a diehard Cowboys fan. They were just so fun to watch score. Every time the Cowboys would come into town, my dad and I would get tickets for the game. I clearly remember that every time Tony Dorsett would dash the defense for a touchdown or Roger Staubach would launch one into the end zone my dad would throw me up on his shoulders in celebration. It was great because the Cowboys were always scoring so I was always on his shoulders.

Partner: Renaissance Community Center, Tallahassee, FL