Meet Quiana


About Quiana

Quiana grew up in New Jersey and moved down to Florida when she was 33. She shortly thereafter hit a streak of bad luck and fell on hard times, and ultimately found herself at the Kearney Center, as there was no place else for her to go. While at the Kearney Center, Quiana took it upon herself to find work and enrolling school. She will first be seeking an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and is looking forward to one day having a career in child services, particularly children with disabilities. In the meantime, to support herself, she works for Aramark Seminole Dining as a caterer.

Her Favorite Things

To unwind, Quiana enjoys reading Nora Roberts. For music, she likes all kinds. Her musical tastes vary from jazz, to R and B, to country, and everything in between, with one of her favorites artists being Celine Dion. A hobby of hers is scrapbooking, with one of her last projects being a scrapbook for her mother.

Quiana's Ideal Dinner Guest

"Oprah Winfrey. She’s interesting and bold, and I admire her boldness. She has a way of asking hard questions in a manner that is inoffensive and soft so that the other person wants to answer. I want to know how she thinks. I also want to know where she draws her strength from. She seems so well put together, and I admire that.”

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