Her Story

Tanya has been experiencing homelessness for a few years now due to medical conditions that have left her unable to work or maintain housing. She has been working on her application for disablilty, and has received a Section 8 voucher which will allow her to live in a home and recover from a life-saving surgery that she desperately needs. 

About Tanya

Tanya grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania. She developed at an early age a love for the serenity her home town’s mountainous environment provided. She became involved with EMTs, fire and search and rescue when she was 13 which became a lifelong passion and was a career she worked in for over 20 years. She enjoys traveling, love listening to all genres of music and she is a diehard sport fan – go Patriots!

Her Greatest Accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment in life was when I and my K9 partner, Zena, passed both state and federal certifications required to become part of a search and rescue team. To pass the necessary certifications entailed numerous hours of rigorous training for both me and my K9. After passing the certifications, Zena and I assisted in over 400 search and rescue missions and I began training other K9s for search and rescue as well as to become service dogs.

Tanya has been fully funded, but you can click the button below to make a general donation that will go to helping a human just like her. 

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