Meet Temesha's Family

Temesha's Family
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Temesha grew up in a difficult family situation. Her mother was unstable financially and sometimes even did drugs. This caused a big strain on the family, and they spent a lot of time moving from place to place. Fortunately, she had a supportive group of siblings growing up. She has 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Since they had such a hard time as children, they vowed to stick together over the years, and they are all still very close to this day.

Temesha's "Favorites"

1. Movies

Temesha's favorite movie is Precious. While many people may consider it to be a depressing movie, she can personally relate to the main character, which is why she enjoys it so much. Her favorite scene of the movie is at the very end when she is walking away hand in hand with her children, never looking back at her difficult past.

2. Music

Temesha's favorite genre of music is R&B, and her favorite artist is Mary J. Blige. She particularly likes the song "Just Fine." This is her favorite song because she can really relate to it on an emotional level.

3. Food

Temesha's favorite food is oysters. Growing up, when she first saw oysters, her siblings cringed at the sight of them because they were slimy and looked gross. However, Temesha courageously tried them just to show how brave she was, and she has loved them ever since.

Temesha's Most Treasured Memory

Temesha really cherishes the memory of her son graduating from high school. Growing up, her son was always considered a troubled youth, and she never thought that he would finish high school. Somehow, he was able to pull things together and proved everyone, including Temesha, wrong. She was so happy that she cried tears of joy on that day.

Temesha's Most Wanted Dinner Guest

Interestingly, if Temesha could have dinner with anyone in the world, she would want to have dinner with her mother. Even though her mom was responsible for a lot of the difficulties in her life, she feels that she was able to grow as a person and a parent because of these tough times. Having dinner with her mother would also allow her to forgive her and let her know that she has moved on with her life. 




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